EpsiVal Shopify App from EpsiVentures team
Find out what your business is worth - Instantly derive indicative business valuation and keep track of its evolution. EpsiVal is a fast-loading, easy to use Shopify app. Simply provide a couple of inputs and click the Get Valuation button to see the outcome.
Empower decision making
Use our app to derive indicative business valuation to make informed decisions about your business. Whether you are just curious, looking to sell your business or planning to get financing, our valuation range would serve as a helpful tool in your endeavors.
Value Tracking
Feel free to use our tool as frequently as you want to track the progress of your business. Simply push Refresh Valuation button and get an updated indicative range.
The algorithm behind our valuation tool is powered by a recently compiled dataset which constantly evolves with new inputs from proprietary and public data sources.
We can help you take more informed decisions
We offer you a complete set of tools to derive indicative valuation range for your e-commerce business
Easily install
Install EpsiVal app in 1-click to measure the value of your business.
Light touch approach
Provide only a high level information and instantly get the indicative valuation range.
Keep track of value evolution
Check back later on to see how your business valuation evolves over time.
Here is a sneak peek into how EpsiVal Business Valuation Shopify App will function
Easy to navigate
Read about our analytical approach and the data behind this valuation tool. Simply input a couple of data points and get indicative valuation instantly.
Clear and on-point metrics
See indicative valuation with lower and higher bands representing the range that precise valuation of your business is likely to land in.
Our early adopters love us
Get started with our app, it's free
The first version is free - hurry up to give it a try!
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